Time: Based on Availability | Location:  Check in at Calatabiano Heliport | Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

Visit the Aeolian Islands by helicopter

Made up of seven main islands Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi, the Aeolian Islands are a little piece of paradise rising out of the cobalt-blue seas off Sicily’s northeastern coast. The unique wonder of the Aeolian Islands is one that should not be left unseen. This volcanic archipelago it is one of Sicily’s best place to visit.


Aeolian Islands flight tour highlights

  • Fly over the Aeolian Islands volcanic archipelago
  • Birds Eye view of Stromboli active craters
  • The best sights of the Aeolian Islands

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Departure from a certified airfield close to Taormina, passing over Montalbano and the Sanctuary of Tindari to continue towards the Aeolian Islands.

The helicopter ride on the Aeolian islands will take you on a bird’s eye view of the island of Vulcano and its smoky crater, Lipari with the “faraglioni” and its pumice quarries, Salina and the beautiful bay of Pollara, Panarea and Basiluzzo, until reaching volcano Stromboli with the well known “Sciara del fuoco” and its constant eruptions.

The unique perspective given by the helicopter allows you to appreciate the volcanic morphology of the Eolian Islands archipelago.