Difficulty: challenging | Trek distance: 14 km (8,7 mi) | Max. elevation: 3.300 m (10900 ft) | Elevation gain&loss : +400m / – 1500m (+1312ft / -4900ft)

Summit pass of Etna , south to north

Experience the ultimate adventure and hike to the top of the volcano! This trail to the summit of Mount Etna is the most complete hike where you will experience amazing views of the Natural Park and Sicily.

Follow your certified guide for a full day tour and discover the amazing landscape from up above!

Etna Tour highlights

  • The most complete hike on Mount Etna
  • Hike to the Summit of an active volcano
  • View over the wide Caldera “Valle del Bove”

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The trail to the top of Mount Etna begins at an elevation of 2900 meters (9500 feet), covering a distance of about 15 km (9,4 miles). The guide will take care of all ticketing allowing you to skip the line and reach the starting point with cable-car and 4×4 buses.

This journey starts from the Rifugio Sapienza (south ski resort) and ends at Piano Provenzana (north ski resort). The summit provides one of the most spectacular views of Sicily and the best vantage point to contemplate the power of Etna. The lingering rotten-egg smell of hydrogen sulfide and the large fumaroles at the summit reminds visitors that Etna is an active volcano.

The Etna “Advance Summit Hike” trail offers hikers the opportunity to climb to the top of the highest volcano emerged in Europe and among the most active in the world.

The challenging day trek begins in a sand-like cinders terrain for most of the time. The path is devoid of any vegetation as you will get across the latest lava flow and deposits of volcanic ashes.

As the summit base come into view, the trail steepens become greater. Once at the top, hikers will rest and explore the active craters, the time allowed in the summit area will be settled according to weather and volcanic activity conditions. The trail ends at Piano Provenzana after a fun downhill on volcanic cinder; once at the ski resort you will have time to rest at the chalet.

 Have fun, be safe and stay Active!