Difficulty: Easy | Trek distance: 4 km (2.5 mi) | Max. elevation: 2.000 m (6500 ft) | Elevation gain&loss : +/- 200 m (656 ft)

Afternoon excursion of Mount Etna

The sunset lights enrich this excursion aimed at discovering the most suggestive places of Mount Etna. On this Etna sunset tour you will discover secondary craters, you will take a walk through a lava tube, and reach the large Valle del Bove caldera with a privileged view towards the top of the volcano.

Etna Tour highlights

  • An afternoon excursion during the less crowded and hot moment of the day
  • Watching the amazing colours of the Etna Sunset
  • Go on a leisure hike along old lava flows and volcanic ash
  • Easy caving exploration of a lava tube
  • Hike up to the wide Caldera Valle del Bove

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Enjoy a leisure hike through the beauty of Etna Natural Park with an intimate size group led by friendly, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable guides. Explore Mount Etna and its side craters, a walk through a lava tube and all the major viewpoints as the Caldera named “Valle del Bove”.

The Etna Sunset Tour gives the chance of a visit during the less crowded and hot moment! Explore the volcano as you learn the historic tales of the lava and the land, which has forever been changed by the lava flows in the last centuries.

Our tour guides, specialized in knowing the feel of the island, are experts in guiding our guests to the best views that Etna Volcano has to offer!

You will travel up to the highest point reachable by car, where the scenery is amazing as you weave through the lava fields and take in the mountain road overlooking the busy life at its foot.

An experienced guide will lead you on a leisurely hike through old craters, lava flows and volcanic ash; the path overlooks the coast from Taormina to Catania.

Walk out to the Valle del Bove which has forever been changed by the lava flows in the late 1991’s eruption: it was the longest lasting eruption of Etna, among the recent ones.

Throughout the tour your guide will share with you history and geology of the area during the frequent stops along the way. An exciting and active way to spend the afternoon discovering how lava has changed our land forever!