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Discover the Wonders of Europe's Most Active Volcano with Our Varied Selection of Tours. Whether it's a Family-Friendly Jeep Adventure, a Cable Car Expedition to the Main Craters, or a Challenging Summit Hike

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Explore the Charm of Mount Etna with Our Guided Tours
Etna Tour

A sensational jeep tour and an easy walk, or a more intense hike between extinct craters and lava caves or even an excursion to the top of the volcano Etna between sulfur and smoking craters. All the secrets of Mount Etna will be revealed; unforgettable panoramas and stories will mark your holiday in Sicily

Unique Experiences to Enrich Your Journey

From mountains to the sea, crossing the Etna volcano and natural reserves, Sicily offers a diverse range of sports activities for everyone. Choose whether to experience the adventure on land, in the air, or in the water. Explore a unique experience in an environment rich in natural and cultural beauties.

Discover City Wonders with Our Guided Tours
City Tour

Enhance your holiday experience with expertly guided city tours by licensed professionals. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive and intimate exploration of Sicily's cities, gaining insights into their rich culture and history. Our tours offer a unique perspective on the most iconic cities in Sicily.

Unforgettable Family Holidays for Everyone
Family vacation

Play Tours: Tailored for families, our guided tours blend expert guidance with fun city exploration. Designed to captivate children, an interactive "kit" distributed at the tour's start ensures an engaging experience, fostering a love for the city's beauty in an educational and enjoyable way.