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  • FREE Cancellation until 48h before the tour begin.
  • This is an exclusive city tour, the tour guide is dedicated to you only and no one else will be placed in your group.
  • Available All year round

€ 300,00 (base price)

Extra fees

€ 35,00 (extra for children 6-12 years)

€ 20,00 (extra for children 2-5 years)

start time: 10:00 16:30
max 5 pax per group
duration: 3 h
difficulty: easy

€ 300,00 (base price)

Extra fees

€ 20,00 (extra for children 6-12 years)

start time: 10:00 16:30
max 5 pax per group
duration: 2 h
difficulty: easy

What's included

  • Licensed tour guide
  • kit for children
  • snack for children
  • entrance tickets to sites of interest

In addition to the basic price per group, there is an extra charge per person for access to the sites to visit and for tasting products.

Equipment Recommended

This is a city stroll and doesn't require specific equipment; nonetheless, I recommend comfortable shoes and attire suitable for the weather conditions.

Catania Play Tour

Discover Catania's Family Fun: Play Tour & Photo Hunt! 🌟 Embark on an unforgettable journey with Catania Play Tour and Photo Hunt. Engage kids with exclusive kits, explore landmarks, and enjoy a sweet break. Book now for an educational yet entertaining family adventure! 🎉

Catania Play Tour

Catania Play Tour

  • Explore Catania: Duomo, Castle, Piazza & hidden gems.
  • Fun for Kids: Interactive kit for an engaging adventure.
  • Local Legends: Fascinating stories & anecdotes.
  • Culinary Delights: Delicious snack at a renowned bar.
Catania Photo Hunt

Catania Photo Hunt

  • Family Photo Hunt: Explore & learn with kids.
  • Interactive Challenges: Solve puzzles with clues & help.
  • Discover & Learn: Uncover hidden gems & knowledge.
  • Fun for All Ages: Kids (5-11) & adults enjoy history & art.

Explore Catania with Family Adventures: Catania Play Tour and Photo Hunt!

🌟 Catania Play Tour: Explore and Have Fun!

An extraordinary adventure awaits with Catania Play Tour, an exclusive guided tour designed for families with children. Your personal guide will lead you through the main monuments of Catania's historic center, including the Duomo, Ursino Castle, and Piazza Università. But that's not all - discover hidden gems and secrets, immersing yourself in the lively fish market, open every morning from Monday to Saturday.

Your children will actively participate with the exclusive kit provided at the beginning of the tour. This kit will be the key to exploring each stage of the journey, making the adventure even more engaging. The guide will entertain both young and old with fascinating anecdotes and legends about the history, traditions, art, and architecture of Catania. And to end on a sweet note, enjoy a snack in one of the city's famous bars, where culinary traditions become an integral part of the local culture.

Remember, although the tour is designed for children, adults won't miss out on learning and having fun!

📸 Catania Photo Hunt: Photographic Treasure Hunt!

For a unique experience, embrace Catania Photo Hunt, a thrilling adventure that involves the entire family. Armed with clues, explore the city, learning and having fun with your children.

The guide will share interesting facts and anecdotes at each stop as you solve puzzles with the help of three valuable allies: locals, the guide, and the internet. Skill challenges and riddles will make the treasure hunt even more exciting.

At the end of the tour, the guide will verify the answers and deliver a treasure trove of knowledge and fun for the whole family. Remember, this experience is dedicated to children, but "adults" won't be disappointed in discovering more about the history, traditions, legends, art, and architecture of the city.

Both options are suitable for children aged 5 to 11. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable family adventure in Catania! 🎉

Meeting Point

Piazza del Duomo, 95100 Catania CT

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