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  • Tandem paragliding flight with pilot, no previous experience necessary, incredible emotions for everyone!
  • Available from April to October

€ 120,00 / person

max 12 pax per group
duration: 20 Min
difficulty: easy

€ 180,00 / person

max 12 pax per group
duration: 20 Min
difficulty: easy

What's included

  • 20 minute paragliding flight
  • Paragliding two-seater certified pilot
  • VAT and insurance

Equipment Recommended

To ensure a comfortable and safe tandem paragliding flight experience, we recommend following these instructions for clothing and accessories:

  • Appropriate Clothing: Wear comfortable, seasonal clothing. Lightweight wind jackets and layers are recommended, with particular attention to sturdy, closed-toe shoes.
  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from sunlight and wind with a good pair of sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen to protect skin exposed to UV rays, especially if the flight is scheduled at high altitudes.

Paragliding Sicily

Take a tandem paragliding flight in Sicily over the beautiful town of Taormina. Fly tandem with one of our fully qualified pilots, trained and approved under the standards of the Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association of Italy.

Gallodoro Letojanni

Gallodoro Letojanni

  • Panorama of Letojanni at 500 Meters
  • Unique Emotions in the Gallodoro Sky
  • Sicilian Flight Experience
  • Safe Tandem Flight with Qualified Pilots
Mount Venus Taormina

Mount Venus Taormina

  • Taormina View from Above 800m
  • Fearless experience above the City
  • Sensations of Relaxation in Flight
  • Soft landing on the beach of Taormina

Flying with tandem paragliding is the most ideal, enjoyable, and safe way to fly in Sicily. Fly over Taormina sustained by smooth ascension air currents is an amazing experience for everyone; serenity and admiration are the dominant emotions!

There is no jump into the void, no fear or vertigo, only an amazing relaxing feeling.

The adventure begins meeting the pilot that will bring you to the selected flying site. He will give you all the necessary information and show you the paraglider and the flying principles. After the briefing, you and the pilot will climb into the full protection harnesses and then attach to the paraglider utilizing a spreader bar system.

…and then… one deep breath…one, two, three steps…. and you are gently lifted off the hill!

The pilot will easily talk to you, once airborne, and explains how to control the paraglider while flying. Moreover, if the conditions are right, and you are willing, the pilot can turn over the controls to you to fly the paraglider.

Landing the tandem is smooth and easy. The pilot simply steers the paraglider into the wind for a nice glide path, slows the glider, and you step down on your tip-toes. The landing, on the beach, is so soft that you’ll forget about gravity. If you want to feel a little more adrenaline, your pilot can also include acrobatic inserts. If you want to take it easy, you lean back and relax.


The Paragliding Taormina is a very exclusive experience, half day long with a fly time of about 20 minutes. The duration of the flight and any changes in the flight itself may be affected by the weather conditions that the pilot will evaluate on the spot. His judgment is unquestionable and the only one who can make these decisions to ensure that the flight is in total safety.

This is an experience to live and to share with friends through the high-resolution video and pics that will be given to you at the end.


“ Don’t miss it! “

Meeting Point

Parking Letojanni, Via Pastificio, 4, 98037 Letojanni ME

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