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Sicily holiday tips

The best places to visit in eastern Sicily

  • 05/09/2022
  • Sicily holiday tips

Sicily is the biggest of the Italian islands, top places to visit and a wide range of activities to do. Home to a wide variety of archaeological sites, famous beaches, archipelagos and several islets. Moreover, thanks to its mild climate, Sicily offers many opportunities throughout the different seasons.

Visit Taormina, "the pearl of the Mediterranean"

  • 24/04/2020
  • Sicily holiday tips

One of the most well-known and renowned centers and an unmissable stop is definitely Taormina. In relatively little space, if we want to say so, Taormina has an immense archaeological and cultural heritage. In addition to being an elegant and refined town, Taormina impresses with its privileged position on a cliff overlooking the sea from which you can admire the beaches and the breathta...